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Mac Lassiter Tournament Angler

Spinnerbaits and grass

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Spinnerbaits, and grass go toghther like peas and carrots! they are made for each other, and is a top technique for bass all year long! Bass will hold in around grass flats feeding on crayfish, and other baitfish that make the grass there home!

One of my favorite tactics is to fish main lake grass beds close to the main river channel, or a creek channel close to the main lake, and slow roll a Secret Weapon spinnerbait down the edge of the grass line. This tactic is great after the spawn to catch those post spawners that have move out of the bays, and made there way out to the channel drops to feed up, and get over the physical demands of the spawn.

Another great trick is to cast into the grass bed, and rip the spinnerbait out! this is a great trick for triggering inactive fish, and works great in the heat of the summer, when fish are laying in the grass in the shade, they will jump all over a spinnerbait when it's ripped away from the grass.

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Mac Lassiter