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Mac Lassiter Tournament Angler

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Thank you for taking the time to consider my resume, I have a passion for this sport, and have always dreamed of someday to enter the fishing industry as a professional. I unlike other anglers give each of my sponsors the attention, and promotions they deserve! I am a extremley hard worker, and I hope I am given the oppurtunity to show your company the hard work you deserve from an angler.

If considered for a postion, I will promote your company at any, and all tournament functions I attend, and will offer your company an avenue for promotions thru media, sports and outdoor shows, internet exposure, and articles. Please take the time to click the link to my resume below to learn more about me, and the promotions I can offer your company.

Click Here for my Pro-Staff Resume

Mac Lassiter/ E-Mail:

Mac Lassiter