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Mac Lassiter Tournament Angler

Fishing Rock & Rip Rap Banks

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This is a tip to give you a better understanding of what to look for when fishing rock banks, and Rip rap.
When fishing down a rock bank, look for cracks in the rocks, this provides a bass with everything he needs. It provides them shade and cover, it gives them a place to get out of the current, so they don't use as much energy, and wait for bait to wash by.

My favorite bait for fishing rock banks like this is a Jig, I like to go down this bank, looking for the cracks, and holes in the rocks, and flipp and pitch a jig to them. It is very important to make sure your bait enters the water softly, and quite, with as little splash as possible! This is the bass's home, and anything out of the ordinary will spook them, so keep it quite, keep your trolling motor on low, and make pinpoint lure presentation!

A lot of people look at a Rip rap bank and just see a bunch of chunk rock, but if you keep your eye open you will start to notice diffrent features as you go down the bank. Look for rocks that are a little futher out in the water than most, pay attention to your depth finder, and watch for changes in water depth, also keep an eye out for and logs or cover that has blown into the bank, these features can be just the spot that will hold the majority of fish down a semingly featurless bank!


Mac Lassiter